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Double Dorje Vajra Tibetan Om Silver Pendant

Double Dorje Vajra Tibetan Om Silver Pendant


The double vajra is a symbol of protection. It represents the absolute stability and unshakeable nature of the awakened mind. Tibetan OM in the center is the buddhism's most sacred syllable and it represents the body, speech and mind of Buddha.

The sterling silver Buddhist pendant depicts one of the ritual objects of Tibetan Buddhism - Vajra. Vajra is a symbol of compassion, the most powerful energy in the universe. By wearing this symbol, one can constantly remind themselves of their active commitment to compassion with whatever is occurring outside. An Om symbol is inlaid in the middle of the pendant.

This finely crafted protection amulet is made from heavy sterling silver inlay witth turquoise, lapis and red coral. The pendant measures about 1.25 inches weighs around 16.9 grams. Carefully handcrafted in Nepal.



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