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Flower Om Chakra Silver Pendant

Flower Om Chakra Silver Pendant


This handmade sterling silver chakra flower om pendant is beautifully designed featuring faceted 7 chakra gemstones corresponding to each of the chakra points. OM is an important buddhist and hindu mantra meaning universal truth and knowledge.

Each of the crystals is enccased in prong setting in its own silver setting; the underside of the stone is left clear, to show the light relections. The Om symbol represents the sound Om, or the vibration of the universal divine and harmony among all things.

The chakras are representative of the energy centers of the body, and are said to govern the way in which we perceive the universe around us. Together, they form a fantastic symbol that reminds us that when we seek balance within ourselves we find balance in all things.

Pendent measures around 1.25". Carefully handcrafted by artisans in India. Due to the handmade, slight variations in color and finish may be present, contributing to the individual beauty of each piece. Minor imperfections are true characteristics of hand-crafted jewelry.



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