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Tibetan Kalachakra and Om Symbol Silver Pendant

Tibetan Kalachakra and Om Symbol Silver Pendant


This handmade Kalachakra and Om oval shape pendent is made from sterling silver with inlaid turquoise, lapis and red coral. The pendant has the bail which will fit most cords and chains. Kalachakra symbol on one side and the Om symbol on the reverse side.

OM is an important buddhist and hindu mantra meaning universal truth and knowledge. Om is a wonderful tool for concentration which leads to meditation.  

Kalachakra stands for world peace. The Kalachakra means - 'The Wheel of Time'. The Kalachakra is part of a system of teachings and practice conferred by the Buddha to his disciples. It is a complex Buddhist emblem symbolizing the Wheel of Time.

Pendant measures about 1.2" excluding the bail. Weighs about 6.3grams.

Carefully handcrafted by artisans in Nepal for Tara Imports. We purchase directly from the small artisans in Nepal. Your purchase of this item help support the artisan and their families in Nepal. Thank you for your support!



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