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Tibetan Mandala Silver Pendant -152JP007

Tibetan Mandala Silver Pendant -152JP007


Finely crafted sterling silver mandala pendant delicately etched and ornamented with turquoise cabochons. Solid silver with delicate filagree design. The mandala is a visual representation of an ideal universe in all its purity and fullness.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word and means "circle" or "center". Its center represents the creator's consciousness and is a symbol of never ending power. In Tibetan art the Mandala is a means to direct consciousness and used in meditation and ritual. Turquoise ranges from sky blue, blue-green to apple green and is an opaque stone. It is grounding, brings peace of mind and improves meditation. Creativity and intuition are stimulated and communication is enhanced.

Pendant measures about 1.5". Carefully hand crafted by artisans in Nepal.



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