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Yin-Yang Charm Pendant Bone Necklace

Yin-Yang Charm Pendant Bone Necklace


Yin Yang symbol charm pendant on a waxed woven cotton cord sliding knot. Adjustable necklace. With a sliding knot it can stretch up to about 26-27".

Charm Pendant size is about 3" and about 4mm thick. It is made by bone with a hand carved yin yang symbol. The sliding knot eliminates the need for a clasp and the necklace. Simply slide over your head and then the knots are adjusted to the length you would like your necklace to be.

The symbol and concept of the Yin Yang is centuries old - opposing, yet complimentary forces present in all aspects of nature. Yin Yang represents oneness in diversity. Masculine/feminine, Dark/Light. It connects everything in nature and creates balance and harmony.



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